National Skills Development Authority (NSDA)


To provide utmost assistance to make Bangladesh a developed nation by 2041 decelared by the Government by creating skilled manpower in the country according to the demand of skilled workforces in home and abroard.


The mission or objectives of skills development system in Bangladesh is to provide assistance in achieving rapid and inclusive economic growth of the country. For this it is needed:

  • the ability of acquiring a job (wages/self-employment) for a person and enhancing the adaptability to ever changing technology and labour marker;
  • increasing the productivity and profit margin of industries and trade enterprises; and
  • stregthening the power of competition at national & international level and reducing the poverty.

Structure of NSDA

The Authority is consisted of an Executive Chairman and four Members. The Executive Chairman and the Members are appointed by the Government, and the terms and conditions of their service are determined by the Government.

The Authority has a Governing Board (GB) with a fixed number of Members along with the Hon'ble Prime Minister as its Chairman and an Executive Committee (EC) with a fixed number of Members along with the Principal Secretary to the Hon'ble Prime Minister as its Chairman.

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The Authority may, subject to the organogram approved by the Government, appoint such number of employees as may be necessary for efficient performance of its duties and responsibilities. The preparation and approval of the organogram is now underway.

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Duties and Functions of NSDA

  • to formulate skills development policy, strategy and plan of actions;
  • to fix the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for government and non-government training institutes, prepare uniform training manual and coordinate the activities of the their implementations, supervision and evaluation for the purpose of creating skilled human resources for the national and international labour marker;
  • to publish the forecast of national and international labour market demand and establish sector-wise skills data bank;
  • to give recognition of prior learning of professions under this Act, where applicable;
  • to monitor and coordinate all projects and actions related to skills development;
  • to take actions to develop the standard of training, certification and mutual recognition;
  • to form Industry Skills Council (ISC) and provide with necessary assistance;
  • to strengthen industry linkage;
  • to take any initiative by the Authority on its own consideration for creating skilled human resources; and to discharge such other duties as may be directed by the Government or Governing Board.

Hon'ble Prime Minister, The People's Republic of Bangladesh & Chairperson, NSDA

Mr. A H M Mustafa Kamal, FCA, MP, Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Finance & Vice-Chairperson, NSDA

Mr. Md. Nojibur Rahman, Principal Secretary to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Md. Faruque Hossain, Executive Chairman (Secretary), NSDA

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